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I'm Kennedy, but most people call me Diesel. (Feel free to ask me why.) I'm a strategist.

Strategy excites me because you get to wear many hats, tell stories, dig deep into culture, and try to figure out how people work. It's a perfect blend of my personal and professional interests. Here are a few things that I love and that inspire my work.

Interior Design

Architecture and Design 

I'm from the furniture capital of the world, would be an interior designer in another life, and consider cutting out photos from Architectural Digest to be a hobby.




The Outdoors

I'm happiest and most inspired outside. In my free time, you'll find me reading a book (likely an autobiography or thriller) in the sculpture garden near my house, running, or enjoying a summit beer. 



I was a psychology major and believe my fascination with what makes people tick has made me a better strategist. There's a lot of emotion and empathy required.

Image by Hisu lee


I don't get to take photos often (although, I did take the mountain photo on this page), but I do visit galleries around town. I love how photos are vessels of a time's culture. 

Some Other Favorites

  • Place: The dance floor

  • Book: Play It as It Lays, Joan Didion

  • Photographer: Chris McCaw

  • Podcast(s): Las Culturistas & Throughline

  • Band: Mipso

  • Hike: Delta Lake, Wyoming

  • Yoga Pose: Sirsasana

  • Chef: Samin Nosrat

  • Furniture Designer: Verellen

  • Team: The Tar Heels

Outside Brandcenter

I work in a part-time role in the marketing department of a Richmond-based M&A advisory firm. There, I've created brand guidelines, led creative direction for our content, and developed design and messaging strategies for a website revamp. 

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