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Super Bowl Spot


:60 spot to air during the Super Bowl. This assumes Patriots are in the game and favored to win.

Open on drone shot of the Glendale, AZ football stadium, we start to zoom in. 

Cut to a wide shot of the sidelines, we see Bill Belichick yelling. In the background, we see :30 left on the clock. The score is 30-30.

BELICHICK: TIMEOUT (making the T/O gesture, a whistle blows)

We come in close on the team in a huddle, a strange man (our car salesman) weasels his way in. The coach sees him, it’s weird, but he just keeps going.

BELICHICK: Alright, time for a change.…for the next play, I need you to give me zebra, trojan, far west, right slot, BREAK

Zoom out as the players run back onto the field. 

As the players run out, the car salesman appears directly next to Belichick on the sidelines, he leans in and yells over the sound of the crowd.

CAR SALESMAN: Are you sure that’s what you want to go with? You never know what might happen in the 4th quarter.

Smash cut close in on the coach’s face. A bead of sweat rolls down his face. He’s actually doubting himself.

BELICHICK V/O: What if he’s right? This is where it all has to work..and the trojan doesn’t always-

Something catches the coaches eye. We cut to a shot of the sky. A plane is flying by pulling a banner that has the Carvana logo with a message that reads: TAKE THE WHEEL

BELICHICK V/O: (nodding) of course I know what’s best for me and my team, I am Bill Belichick!

Cut to a medium shot of the sidelines as Belichick snaps out of his trance, and with assertion yells out to his players. 

BELICHICK: (Clapping) Let’s go boys!

In the background we see the salesman being dragged out by Patriots player, Mac Jones.

Cut to final play, Patriots score and the players rush the field, they won! 

Cut to medium shot on Belichick, looking proud. He turns to us and holds up his phone. We can see the Carvana App. As he speaks, a halo appears over his head.

BELICHICK: (to camera) Carvana gives you the confidence to call your own shots- 

Cut to Belichick driving away, he passes the Salesman walking on the sidewalk. 

BELICHICK: (out of the car window) - without interruptions.

Belichick drives by him and splashes him with a puddle. As he drives away we see a carvana sticker on the back of the car. We zoom in on the salesman, he is now sopping wet and sad.

Cut to Carvana LOGO + TAG: Take the Wheel

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