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Create a brand strategy for a small, new company to make a name for itself.


BE Outfitter (BE) makes hammocks and packs for big adventures and everyday life with gear designed for any setting: the park, beach, mountains, or urban streets.


Covid led a record number of Americans to participate in outdoor recreation (1). However, with indoor activities open, consumers express uncertainty about their commitment to the outdoors (2). So, how can outdoor brands maintain momentum?

Sources: 1. Outdoor Industry Association, 2. Mintel 2021

BE Outfitter

To remain relevant, outdoor brands must do more than sell gear. They must stand for something. 

BE can also stand for something big. Something you might not associate with the outdoors...

Did you know just 20 minutes of outdoor activity leads to elevated energy and better mood?

Many people already experience the mental health benefits of outdoor activity, with stress relief ranking #3 in reasons to get outside 

Source: Mintel 2021

However, barriers block access to outdoor activities for some. 

Lack of finances

Lack of transportation

Exclusivity (the space is seen as wealthy, white, and full of experts)

Introducing BE's new brand strategy... 

Nature prescribed for all.


Brand Pillars

Fresh air is for everyone. At BE, we make the outdoors accessible and inviting.

Trailblaze for good. We protect Mother Earth so we can continue to experience her gifts.

A daily dose of nature. We are committed to increasing awareness of the mental health benefits of getting outside.

Enjoy the view. It's not about summiting the highest peaks but finding joy in everyday outdoor adventure.

Imagery Transformation

Instead of showing faceless wanderers embarking on intense expeditions, BE will show the joyful faces of people getting outside.

Strategic Partnerships

BE will donate to organizations like Inner City Anglers, which was founded by a DC-based teacher to bring the joys of fishing to his low-income students who don't have access to doing so. 

Did you know just 20 minutes outside per day relieves stress.png

Outdoor companies show people in extreme activities: scaling mountains, snowboarding, shooting down Class V rapids. The reality is 78% of consumers engage in low-key recreation (see graph below). BE's less intense visual identity and messaging will create a more welcoming view of the outdoors that's tied to a good cause. 

Why This Works

BE Datta (1).png

Source: Outdoor Industry Association

Strategy: Kennedy Thompson

Creative Brand Management: Allia McDowell, Hannah Jackson, Victoria Nguyen, and Nika Rahini

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