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Carvana pioneered a new way of car buying with online shopping, home delivery, and vending machines. But consumers aren’t catching on, leading Carvana to the edge of bankruptcy.

The Ask

Make Super Bowl level work for the brand.

Problem: Only 36% of consumers say they are comfortable buying cars online for home delivery, and just 28% are comfortable with contactless pickup.


Insight: Online car buying isn’t scary—it’s unfamiliar. Only 13% of consumers have actually tried it, but those who have tried it rank the experience favorably. 


Opportunity: The good news for Carvana? It’s easier for the brand to beat unfamiliarity than it is to beat hate. And people hate the traditional way of buying cars.


Strategy: You’re in the driver’s seat


Campaign Idea: Take the wheel

In this campaign, the brand overcomes unfamiliarity by showing people that, with Carvana, they are very familiar and comfortable with the person driving the car buying process. Because it’s themselves.

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