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*Live Client / Pitch Winner*

Upwork, the freelancing platform that is revolutionizing how we work, wants to speak to Gen Z. This generation has new views on what’s important at work. It’s not all about money and career growth, with 67% of Gen Z believing true success means having a job that aligns to your passion. 1

The Ask

Get Gen Z to see Upwork as a place for real opportunities.


Insight: Gen Z draws a thin line between their work and their passion.










Opportunity: Show Gen Z that Upwork doesn’t have the gatekeepers of the corporate world. With Upwork, you build your career, your way. 

Strategy: Your Career, Unscripted

Campaign Idea: Free Your Work 

“Find the work that sets your soul on fire it won’t always be easy but your passion will give you a competitive edge ✨ finding the right freelance niche for now—not forever—is key. As a freelance writer I wear many hats, and I discard the ones that don’t suit me. That’s how you find the right fits.”


Amy, 23, freelance writer (on Reddit)

App Integration: This opt-in integration employs Gen Z’s favorite activity: swiping. Gen Z has always-on access to anything, from dating to clothing rentals. We want to show the generation that they can just as easily try out jobs with the swipe of the finger. And if it’s not for you? Swipe on to the next!

OOH: Encourages jobseekers to find what matters to you by freeing yourself of the old ways of work.

Upwork OOO 2.webp

Digital: Digital ads prompt both job seekers and employers to try out our app integration.

Swiping Y_N.gif
FresherPerspectives (1).gif
Fresher (1).gif

Community Building: Freelancers deserve community, swag, and mental health support, too.

1. Swag: Celebrates an Upwork freelancer's first gig with swag they can take to coworking spaces. 


2. Upwork x Dickies work(from home)wear: Features Upwork green, which is dangerously close to one of NYFW's projected summer colors.

pantone _ highsnobiety.png

3. Headspace x Upwork Collab: Provides membership discount for Upwork community members.


Team: Leo Cvitanovich (Copy), Lindsey Evans (AD), Grace Hudson (AD), Patrick Nguyen (XD), Victoria Nguyen (Brand Management)

Sources: (1) American Student Assistance

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